May 2016 boat audit

I’ve decided to keep track of my usage of things like water, electricity, etc, on the boat. To that end, and because today is the first of a new month, I filled the water tank, emptied the toilet cassette and counted how much fuel I have.

I started this morning with the following things:

  • 2x full bags of Homefire coal.
  • 1x partial bag of house coal
  • 1x full box and 1x partial box of Zip firelighters
  • 1x partial bag of Poundland “Magic” kindling – essentially some strips of wood dipped in wax which remove the need for firelighters.
  • 2x Poundland firelogs.
  • A full water tank.
  • An empty toilet cassette, though I am attempting the separation of solids and liquids where practical.
  • A notation of 18841 kWh on the shoreline electricity meter.

I’m going to keep track during the month of what I spend/use, and update this accordingly.

  • 2nd May: 1x bag of normal kindling from Poundland – £1.
  • 7th May: 3x firelogs from £1 shop – £3.
  • 14th May: filled the water tank to overflowing.
  • 20th May: 5x firelogs from Wilko – £5, 1x bag of Homefire heat logs – £4.
  • 24th May: 2x firelogs from Poundland – £2.

Additionally, I’ve foraged several logs to use for kindling.

Filled the water tank on 14th, and again on 24th. Using the washing machine puts a big dent in the amount of water in the tank.

Emptied the cassette on 24th. Twent four days usage from a single 21L tank. Separating the liquids has been a very good idea.



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